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Ideas Matter

With patent applications piling on at law and notary offices, innovators grow increasingly nervous about their ideas being stolen before they reach the patent office.

Cut the queue now with Digital Proof – a bulletproof, legally admissible way of claiming IP ownership through secure blockchain technology. It’s fast, customizable and earns you an additional source of income.

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ideas matter

By Lawyers, for Lawyers

Oliver Majdúch Co-founder and partner at SCHIN & MAJDÚCH

„With Digital Proof, we can upload the clients’ inventions with blockchain immediately and confirm their existence and disposition at the time of upload. This makes clients more confident about revealing details to third parties.”

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Claim. Verify. Repeat.

The patent process can take as long as several years to complete. Circumventing this bottleneck with Digital Proof allows you to:
image Claim authorship in a matter of minutes

Submit basic information about an idea, invention or a secret and receive a digitally signed and timestamped certificate instantly.

image Verify idea ownership online

With our easy-to-use verification app, it only takes a few clicks to officially verify ownership of inventions, creations and ideas.

image Track everything with timestamped records

All recorded certificates are digitally timestamped and stored securely inside an unhackable, blockchain-based database.

image Expand your portfolio & make more profit

With our support and whitelabel digital toolkit, you only set up Digital Proof once and enjoy a steady, maintenance-free workflow ever after.

image Help clients collaborate easily

Once proofed and timestamped, innovators can share their ideas with collaborators without being afraid of their secrets being stolen.

image Use authenticity certificates in court

Digital Proof ensures that all signed and recorded certificates can be presented as legitimate court evidence.

The Cutting Edge of Online Security

Blockchain, while widely known for its application in cryptocurrency, allows for unprecedented safety in the domain of legal record databases. Through decentralized, encrypted entries, all ideas and trade secrets claimed through Digital Proof stay safe and secure, period.

EXPLORE LAW CASES Blockchain technology can be a game changer when it comes to real law cases. Here are a few legitimate instances from around the world where blockchain proved to be a key player in evidence management. Explore All Law Cases chevron
June 2018 The 1st time in China blockchain timestamped proof is recognized by the juristic authority through lawsuit result
July, 2018 CaseLines, who supplies the software to manage legal documents for 78 courts in England and Wales, including the UK Supreme Court, is now patenting a blockchain solution to ensure evidence is tamper free
July, 2018 World's first blockchain court in Dubai planned
August, 2018 UK Courts Start Pilot Blockchain Evidence System
September, 2018 Chinese court launches its blockchain evidence platform

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